#4: First light for the DSLR – First Deep Space Object – Saturn again

18.09.2018 A few days before this session I purchased a T2-4/3 Olympus adapter ring to attach the old Olympus E510 DSLR (my brother lent me) to my Skywatcher 750/150 PDS. With such an adapter you can detach the lens of the DSLR and attach the scope instead as it will act as a lens for […]

#3: First light of Saturn & Mars

07.09.2018 New aspect: First images taken with the old Canon SX240HS Acquisition: So after a while the sky cleared. I had some friends on board and after viewing some targets of the late summer (M31 and M13) we switched to the planets. First we found Saturn on the sky. If you see Saturn and its […]

#2: Skywatcher N 750/150 PDS Explorer

08.2020 In summer 2018 I began my journey with the purchase of a Skywatcher 750/150 PDS on a Skywatcher EQ3 Pro mount. It came along with a 2″ 26mm eyepiece, a small finder-scope, a 3x Barlow lens, a small 1 1/4″ 10mm eyepiece and other minor equipment. I added an adapter for compact cameras to […]