Collage of the Solar System

Hey folks!
This is the new website of catchingphotons. It aims to be an extension of the Youtube channel #catchingphotons and thus will provide

  • additional information
  • a personal astro-related blog
  • helpful or funny DIY projects
  • info and reviews about hardware I own
  • instructions for useful software you need
  • and a collection of Messiere objects I captured till now!

I hope you find this collection of information helpfull or entertaining and it will help or support you on your journey through this amazing hobby of astronomy/ astrophotography.

Latest posts:

  • Dark skies in France
    26.07.2020 New aspect:Imaging under a dark sky – taking an image of the Milky Way Image acquisition:My family and I were holidaying in France at the western Atlantic coast. The weather was overwhelming and the trip wonderful! Being fairly far away from […]
  • Rotating Jupiter
    13.07.2020 New aspect:This time I wanted to capture two things at once: A) The first proper image of Jupiter with its great big red spot and B) An animation of Jupiter revealing it’s rotational movement.
  • Oberving Comet NEOWISE
    12.07.2020 There are once in a lifetime events that no one should miss. Observing a bright comet is one of those rare things. This year we got the chance to witness a very bright and majestic comet: comet NEOWISE.
  • Coma aberrations with my Newtonian Telescope
    26.06.2020 New aspect: Testing the coma aberration on a Newton Telescope This time I was testing the errors I encountered during my first light session (M27). I saw the stars in the corners being elongated towards the center of the image. This […]
  • First light with my EQ6-R Pro and the Canon EOS 700Da
    Why is a good mount important? – 23.06.2020 Hey folks, so finally everything arrived. My old rig was quite overwhelmed with my ambitions and had to be replaced. Why so? – First reason was the old mount. The mount is undoubtedly the […]