The Solar System

This are the currently best results I got from the planets and bodies of our Solar System so far.

Sun – one shot color
with Canon 700Da
Mercury transit 11th of November 2019
Venus 3x Barlow ZWO ASI120MC-S Colour
Mars 3x barlow ZWO ASI120MC-S colour
Jupiter 3x barlow ZWO ASI120MC-S colour
Saturn colour compose image using 3x barlow with webcam and ZWO Kamera ASI 120MM Mini Mono
Uranus 3x barlow with ZWO ASI120MC-S colour
Neptune @ prime focus 750mm FL with the Canon EOS 700Da
3min exposure time

other Solar System Bodies

Let’s not forget the moon!

Moon with 3x barlow and ZWO ASI120 MC-S Colour camera stitched in Image Composite Editor from Microsoft