Astro-Tutorial YouTube-Series

#1 – Theory

This first chapter will cover a lot of background theories so set the path for our Astro-Tutorial. Some of those things might be tricky, but it’s wise to know them in beforehand.
We will cover topics like:

  • Objects in the sky
  • A first orientation in the night sky
  • Technical terms like Focal length and aperture
  • Mount types and star tracking
  • … and much more.
    Everything you need to know to get started in astronomy/ astrophotography.

#2 – The Hardware

In this chapter we will disassemble an entire astrophotography rig end examine every part. Before you buy a scope you should consider different aspects:

  • What scope will suit your needs best? Refractor/Reflector?
  • Thereby what is the best telescope mount for you?
  • What guidescope will fit your desired focal length?
  • USB connection or telescope handheld? What works fine for your purpose?

There is a lot to consider, so lets go!