Solar Eclipse 2021 – LIVE from my backyard

Solar Eclipse from my backyard


This day was special! On the 10th of June 2021 the sun, the moon and the earth formed a perfect line. This is the circumstance when solar eclipses do occur and the moon drifts between us and the sun and hence shades the sun.

Due to variations in the orbits of earth and the moon a very special point is needed in order to witness a beautiful solar eclipse. Otherwise – at new moos – the moon would shift above or beneath the suns disk.

Live stream

In order to witness the solar eclipse @ work I needed a remote setup running. So I set up the scope the evening the day before the event and polar aligned the mount. Unfortunately one needs to wait until 23:30 in order to see any stars for SharpCap polar alignment routine.

Next morning I connected the laptop with the scope and the tablet from work via Desktop remote with the laptop. Now I was able to move the scope from work. After that I set up a live stream @ YouTube in order to demonstrate the spectacle to colleagues and to allow others around the world to witness the event in case of local cloud coverage.

Live session set up with OBS and streamed via YouTube

And then: There we go! 7h live stream. It was exciting, it was fun and it will happen again: Live streams are such a cool thing! 500 folks at the same time, 16k views over all, an active live chat, interested people asking questions to each other and chatting along, the cheering when the moon finally eclipsed the sun… I was totally amazed and I’ll definitely host more live streams in the future!