First light with my EQ6-R Pro and the Canon EOS 700Da

Why is a good mount important? – 23.06.2020 Hey folks, so finally everything arrived. My old rig was quite overwhelmed with my ambitions and had to be replaced. Why so? – First reason was the old mount. The mount is undoubtedly the most important part of your equipment. No fancy OTA will produce sweet DSO […]

Venus & the impact of seeing

30.12.2019 – 23.04.2020 New aspect:Visualize the impact of seeing while taking images of Venus. Image acquisition & processing:I took three different images of Venus during the recent few months. All of the images were taken with the exact same hardware and setting – a ASI ZWO120MC-S Color planetary webcam with a 3x Barlow lens on […]

#23: M51 „Whirlpool Galaxy“ – first time auto-guiding

& „It’s too much!“ – beginning backlash-errors or the EQ3 -Pro 29.04.2019 – 04.05.2019 New aspects: – first time with an auto-guiding system– Guiding shows first signs of overcapacity– revisited a target for noise reduction– first „proper“ galaxy– longest project so far Image acquisition:So finally every part of my new guide-scope arrived and I could […]

#22: Autoguiding – Failures and wasted time

31.03.2019 New aspect: Trying autoguiding for the first time Guiding basics: During the last sessions I slowly build up the dream of autoguiding my images. There are many advantages of having a guidecam with a guidescope attached to your main scope. The ability to use the guidescope for advanced polar alignment in phd2. There you […]

#21: Crab nebula with short exposures & failed polar alignment with M81

25.05.2019 New aspect #1: Failed polar alignment issues New aspect #2: Capturing an object with high ISO and low exposure time Image acquisition: M81: On this night I originally wanted to capture more data on M81 and M82 to increase the quality of this image by a factor. So I set up my rig as […]

#19: Visual observation of M42 Orion Nebula

31.01.2019 New aspect: Visual observation of DSOs Image acquisition: This two images of the Orion Nebula were taken using a smartphone hand-held in front of the 2” lens. This evening I observed a few DSOs with my Skywatcher 150/750 Newtonian on my little Skywatcher EQ-3 Pro mount. Doing visual astronomy is normally not really my […]

#16: Venus, Andromeda and the Orion Nebula

05.12.2018 New aspect: Revisiting a target to improve quality and seeking for the next Image acquisition: Venus: This was a shot in hurry. On morning the 5th of December I set up the scope in a hurry to capture Venus. Polar alignment, balancing: All quick and dirty because of the limited amount of time. The […]