#22: Autoguiding – Failures and wasted time

31.03.2019 New aspect: Trying autoguiding for the first time Guiding basics: During the last sessions I slowly build up the dream of autoguiding my images. There are many advantages of having a guidecam with a guidescope attached to your main scope. The ability to use the guidescope for advanced polar alignment in phd2. There you […]

#21: Crab nebula with short exposures & failed polar alignment with M81

25.05.2019 New aspect #1: Failed polar alignment issues New aspect #2: Capturing an object with high ISO and low exposure time Image acquisition: M81: On this night I originally wanted to capture more data on M81 and M82 to increase the quality of this image by a factor. So I set up my rig as […]

#20: M81 and M82

16.02.2019 New aspect: Stay long on two galaxies Image acquisition: This time I wanted to capture tow cool galaxies in one frame. I searched Stellarium the day before and found those two beautiful galaxies. They fit into the FOV of my camera/scope as I use an old Olympus E510 and a Skywatcher 150/750 Newtonian reflector. […]

#19: Visual observation of M42 Orion Nebula

31.01.2019 New aspect: Visual observation of DSOs Image acquisition: This two images of the Orion Nebula were taken using a smartphone hand-held in front of the 2” lens. This evening I observed a few DSOs with my Skywatcher 150/750 Newtonian on my little Skywatcher EQ-3 Pro mount. Doing visual astronomy is normally not really my […]

#17: Return to M42 Orion Nebula

02.01.2019 New aspect: Return to M42 to gather more data Image acquisition: This time I had one target and one target only in mind (finally managed to obey my own rule!): M42. The last session gave me 32x1min light frames to work with and hence a lot of noise in the image. After setting up […]

#16: Venus, Andromeda and the Orion Nebula

05.12.2018 New aspect: Revisiting a target to improve quality and seeking for the next Image acquisition: Venus: This was a shot in hurry. On morning the 5th of December I set up the scope in a hurry to capture Venus. Polar alignment, balancing: All quick and dirty because of the limited amount of time. The […]

#15: Dancing Moon and Venus

04.12.2018 Description: The image was taken at dawn right before sunrise. Moon was three quarters on its way to new moon and Venus was very very bright standing next to the Moon. Because sunrise was close the dark side of the moon was lit enough to see some details. Catching both the bright and the […]

#14: Milky Way image from Denmark

11.2018 Description: This are two images taken by my brother in Denmark. They show parts of the Milky Way and the Pleiades with my brother standing in the foreground. As the stars shine for him he uses his searchlight to connect with them. Acquisition and Processing can be told by himself. Greetings, Chris

#13: First surface images of the moon

17.11.2018 New aspect: Taking the first close up surface images of the moon with a modded Logitech webcam Image acquisition: When imaging the Mars with the modded webcam in the last session I recognised just how hard it is to get the focus right. So a member of a astro forum (Hi Carole!) pointed me […]