#14: Milky Way image from Denmark

11.2018 Description: This are two images taken by my brother in Denmark. They show parts of the Milky Way and the Pleiades with my brother standing in the foreground. As the stars shine for him he uses his searchlight to connect with them. Acquisition and Processing can be told by himself. Greetings, Chris

#13: First surface images of the moon

17.11.2018 New aspect: Taking the first close up surface images of the moon with a modded Logitech webcam Image acquisition: When imaging the Mars with the modded webcam in the last session I recognised just how hard it is to get the focus right. So a member of a astro forum (Hi Carole!) pointed me […]

#12: 120′ of Orion & M33 – Mars & unguided Pleiades

07.11.2018 New aspects: First use of modded Logitech webcam – Fist stacking of unguided DSLR shots Acquisition: Mars: After fiddling around with the old Canon compact camera “PowerShot SX240 HS” held in front of my eyepieces I ordered a cheap Logitech webcam and modded it for the purpose of using it as an astro camera. […]

#11: Orion Nebula with Smartphone

03.11.2018 New aspect: Capturing a DSO with a smartphone Acquisition: On a clear evening I tried to capture the Orion Nebula M42 with my Smartphone LG G4 f1.8. Therefore I needed to sort out some things: What is the maximum possible exposure length with the unknown focal length of my smartphone? I knew the 1/400-rule […]

#8: Andromeda, Hercules and the Pleiades

11.10.2018 New aspect: Coming back to already visited objects to enhance the quality Acquisition: M31 – Andromeda Galaxy: First I tried a second round on M31. As you might remember, M31 was one of the first DSO my brother and I visited. Back then we took little time to capture this beauty. I had recently […]

#7: Bortle scale & dark skies

28.09.2018 New aspect: My first conscious night under a real dark sky Bortle scale and dark skies: In northern Germany there are a few dark sky locations where population density is low enough. I spend a few days with my family in a holiday resort in exactly on of those dark spots. Before that occasion […]

#6: M101, Mars and Moon

24.09.2018 New aspect: Finding DSOs in Stellarium and plan a DSO session Acquisition: M101: The days before this session i considered what DSO target to capture next. There are many factors I hadn’t figured out back then: Where is your scope placed? This is important for setting up. You don’t want to set everything up […]